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8995th / 10.1K
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8995th / 10.1K
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44,269,881 VIPER
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347,368,275 VIPER
Maks. arz 
500,000,000 VIPER
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VIPER / TRY fiyat dönüştürücü
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Nov 08, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Sep 13, 2022 (9 months ago)
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2884th / 10.1K

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Viper Protocol Hakkında

What Is Viper Protocol (VIPER)?

Viper Protocol is a cross-chain and multi-product DeFi protocol with its base on the Harmony Blockchain.

The protocol is a part of VenomDAO which is a DAO launching multiple cross-chain initiatives on new and emerging EVM- and Ethereum-tooling compatible blockchains like Harmony, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom etc.

VIPER is the native governance and revenue generating token that is used for:

  • Governance for the Viper exchange/DEX and all DeFi products operating on the Harmony blockchain.
  • A revenue accrual mechanism earning a share of DEX trading fees via the revenue sharing ViperPit mechanism.
  • Collateral for future products such as algorithmic stable coins and/or synthethic assets.

How Many VIPER Coins Are There in Circulation?

Where Can I Buy Viper Protocol (VIPER)?


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