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StonkLeague is a Gamified Crypto Index and DAO (Governance) Index Protocol.

StonkLeague is built atop two large growth markets -- gaming and crypto investing -- offering a platform by which users can play crypto trading games to earn digital currencies and assets. The business opportunity stems from the complex and highly volatile nature of the digital investing market. While gaming activities are generally “safe” for mass markets, digital investing can be highly risky for the average uneducated investor.

StonkLeague reduces this risk by providing top-of-the-morning fantasy crypto trading games for retail traders to win BTC prizes and $Aegis Tokens. Traders may improve their skills, build their reputation and earn valuable digital assets in a fun and secure manner. Additionally, crypto influencers can use StonkLeague to create their own NFT leagues to build their legitimacy and monetize their following. User activity generates unique sentiment analysis data (aka crowd wisdom), which StonkLeague will use to generate index trading strategies. StonkLeague gives retail investors low risk access to crypto markets, while giving gamers a new way to trade and earn.

StonkLeague is an exciting new way to engage with the Crypto Markets and is designed and supported by Aegis Studios.