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Hakkında: RunNation

RunNation.App are pairing Blockchain, Web3 and Cryptography to revolutionise several traditional markets. In a fitness first Move-2-Earn iOS and Android App launching on the Binance Smart Chain.

This combination will create an immersive gaming and fitness experience for users. Players can equip NFT KICKs to their Metaverse profile, allowing them to earn from walking, jogging and running.

These in-game tokens can be used to upgrade their KICKs to increase rewards or cashed out for a profit.

What makes us unique:

  • Crew Battles will introduce large scale PVP competitions with increased rewards for participants

  • Real world partnership and sponsorship of active communities, gyms, personal trainers and running clubs

  • Completely wearable technology, with smart watch integration you will no longer need to carry a phone to earn while walking, jogging or running.

More info to follow soon