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stKSM Fiyatı Canlı Veri

Lido's liquid staking on Kusama. Using Lido, KSM holders can:

  • Stake their KSM to earn staking rewards every 24 hours.
  • Stake KSM without the delay of bonding/unbonding periods via third-party protocols.
  • Earn additional yield by leveraging the Kusama DeFi space (e.g. use staked KSM as collateral).
  • Maximise their staking rewards through dynamic reallocation to the most profitable KSM validator nodes.
  • Minimise their risk of KSM slashing events.

    When staking KSM with Lido, users will receive a staked KSM (stKSM) in return, pegged 1:1 to KSM. stKSM is a rebasable token similar to stETH with rewards reflected through a daily balance increase. As such, when staking KSM with Lido, your stKSM wallet balance will grow on a daily basis as staking rewards are earned.