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Lelouch Lamperouge is a decentralized ERC-20 project traded on Uniswap. Lelouch aims to develop its own Anime metaverse (including NFT's and NFT games), supported by its 0% tax ETH token.

The metaverse will comprise multiple layers inclusive of its own mini casino (Slots, poker, blackjack) where $Lelouch will operate as the primary currency.

Users can also spend $Lelouch on upgrading attributes and properties of characters inside the metaverse, further enhancing NFT rarities and in-game capabilities. NFT owners may withdraw their character from the game at any time.

While the metaverse is under development, Lelouch aims to provide value to holders through its Geass Swap platform. GSwap will provide front run protection, allowing up to 49% slippage while simultaneously limiting the risk of front run bots.