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What Is Kingdom Gold Coin (KGC)?

Kingdom Quest: The Beginning is a Puzzle Role-playing game using blockchain technology. The game will be available for PC and Mobile (Both Android and iOS). Players will possess all in-game characters, items, and currencies as NFT and tokens. Players use a group of heroes to solve mysterious puzzles, defeat encounter enemies and hunt valuable treasures. Each hero is a non-fungible token (NFT) with different attributes and strengths and can be earning experience (exp) to level up. The value of heroes is based on their classes and rarity.

The Kingdom Quest ecosystem has its unique governance token, known as Kingdom Gold Coin (KGC). These can be used in 3 other developing game titles in Kingdom Quest Metaverse include: Kingdom Quest Forgotten Waterworld, Kingdom Quest The Vast Claudia, and Kingdom Quest Defense of the Adventurers.

How Many KGC Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Kingdom Gold Coin (KGC) tokens have a total supply of 10 billion tokens. In total, 1% of the total supply will be allocated to Public Sale and 15% will be sold in seed and private sale. In addition to this, 10% is allocated to staking reward, 13% to ecosystem fund, 20% to the team, 1.5% to advisor, 2% to liquidity, 8% to marketing, 4.5% to partnership, 0.5% to Airdrop, and 24.5% to play to earn reward. Based on the current release schedule, 100% ò KGC tokens will be circulating by the end of 2026.

How does Kingdom Quest guarantee safe gaming?

All gameplays are chosen because their gameplay progress can be calculated and monitored completely by servers. This is the most efficient way to avoid cheating and hacking as malicious actions have to be monitored by servers. Resource logging system will monitor user behaviors. All suspicious accounts will be reported to admins. The experienced in-house team of testers will be built to control product quality. Hold events to reward players who report bugs to the development team.

Who Are the Founders of Kingdom Quest?

The team is formed by game developers and game designers with at least 5 years of experience in the traditional game industry and blockchain.

Where Can I Buy Kingdom Gold Coins (KGC)?