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Goldcoin Değeri (GLC)


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GLC  Goldcoin GLCPrice: ₺3.52 43.13%
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43,235,728 GLC

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GLC Fiyatı Canlı Veri

Goldcoin bugünkü fiyatı ₺3.52 TRY, 24 saatlik işlem hacmi ₺765,891 TRY. Goldcoin son 24 saatte yüzde düştü. Anlık CoinMarketCap sıralaması #3153, piyasa değeri mevcut değil. Dolaşımdaki arz verisi mevcut değil ve maksimum seviyede. 72,245,700 GLC coin.

Goldcoin ile şu anda işlem yapılan en büyük borsalar SouthXchange, FreiExchange, ve C-Patex. Listeleme yapan diğer borsaları kripto borsaları sayfamızda bulabilirsiniz.

What is Goldcoin?

GoldCoin GLC is a peer to peer cryptocurrency which was created by an anonymous person in 2013. Goldcoin like Bitcoin has no single company or individual owner. It is decentralized and open source and belongs to the world. Since its creation, several cryptocurrency enthusiasts and programmers who believe in promoting economic freedom have got involved in its development. Thanks to these principles and a focus on game-changing usability features, like two-minute confirmation speeds and instant 0-Conf transactions, GoldCoin is fundamentally changing how cryptocurrency and economies operate.

GoldCoin capitalizes on the lessons taught by other cryptocurrencies, and it’s likely to inspire new developments in the days and years to come. What really makes it stand out, however, is its feature-focused development cycle. GoldCoin leverages the power of on-chain scaling and large 2MB blocks to grow with demand without straying from Satoshi Nakamoto’s innovative vision. As a multi-pool resistant value store that retargets difficulty in each block. It’s a proven system where awards are based on math alone. Thanks to its SegWit-free design, the ledger is truly verifiable and safe. Even better, it’s powered by an innovative 51 percent defense algorithm and devoted community working together.

Features of Goldcoin GLC

The Goldcoin blockchain runs on the proof of work (POW) consensus which is an algorithm used by the most popular cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin and Litecoin Till today GLC has gone through several advancements in technology since then which are far more advanced than Bitcoin such as:

Where to Buy

Goldcoin can be bought and traded on the following exchanges. It has to be exchanged with Bitcoin or Ethereum on the exchanges given below. (More exchanges will be added in the coming months and buying and selling will be much easier then).

Goldcoin GLC can be bought and kept on a Desktop wallet, IOS - I phone, Android, or paper wallet. For more questions and answers you can join the SOCIAL LINKS at and ask and you will be answered.

Check the Bitcoin forum for more GLC history and information






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GLC Fiyat İstatistikleri

Goldcoin Fiyat Bugün
Goldcoin Değeri₺3.52
Fiyat Değişimi24h₺-2.67
24s En Düşük / 24s En Yüksek
₺2.91 /
İşlem Hacmi24h₺765,891.48
Volume / Market CapVeri Yok
Piyasa HakimiyetiVeri Yok
Piyasam Sıralaması#3153
Goldcoin Piyasa Değeri
Piyasa DeğeriVeri Yok
Tamamen Seyreltilmiş Piyasa Değeri₺254,197,935.67
Goldcoin Fiyat Dün
Dünün En Yükseği / En Düşüğü
₺3.16 /
Dünkü Açılış / Kapanış
₺5.60 /
Dünkü Değişim


Dünkü Hacim₺953,526.88
Goldcoin Fiyat Geçmişi
7g En Düşük / 7g En Yüksek
₺2.02 /
30g En Düşük / 30g En Yüksek
₺1.04 /
90g En Düşük / 90g En Yüksek
₺0.1896 /
52 Hafta En Düşük / 52 Hafta En Yüksek
₺0 /
Tüm Zamanlar En Yüksek
Apr 13, 2021 (2 days ago)
Tüm Zamanlar En Düşük
Dec 29, 2020 (4 months ago)
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Goldcoin Arz
Dolaşan ArzVeri Yok
Toplam Arz43,304,160 GLC
Maks Arz72,245,700 GLC