Kripto Para Birimleri:  7,471Piyasalar:  31,725Piyasa Değeri:  $373,417,640,03624s Hacim:  $101,806,045,758BTC Hakimiyeti:  60.6%
Piyasa Değeri:  $373,417,640,03624s Hacim:  $101,806,045,758BTC Hakimiyeti:  60.6%Kripto Para Birimleri:  7,471Piyasalar:  31,725

Bluzelle (BLZ)

$0.078274 USD (-3.12%)
0.00000641 BTC (-6.59%)
0.00020640 ETH (-4.00%)
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  • Piyasa Değeri
    $19,277,040 USD
    1,577 BTC
    50,832 ETH
  • Hacim (24s)
    $2,077,114 USD
    169.97521739 BTC
    5,477 ETH
  • Dolaşan Arz
    246,277,944 BLZ
  • Toplam Arz
    500,000,000 BLZ

Bluzelle Hakkında

Bluzelle is a decentralized data layer for dapps to manage data in a secure, censorship-resistant, and highly scalable manner. Bluzelle is powered by Cosmos and its BFT technology Tendermint, making it compatible with various blockchains. As developers continue to build Dapps, relying on centralized databases by AWS, Microsoft and others is a centralized point of failure. True freedom requires the full stack to be decentralized, not just one part. That’s where Bluzelle aims to provide a critical piece in the advancement Defi, supply chains, gaming, and other Web 3.0 sectors.

Starting in March 2016, Bluzelle worked on blockchain applications for banks like HSBC, OCBC, MUFG, and insurance companies like AIA and MSIG. From those learnings, Bluzelle realized the need for a decentralized database as its enterprise projects were being stored on centralized systems. This caused major pains and in 2017 the team began architecting its solution.

Bluzelle is able to provide this solution by acting like the AirBnB of databases. Spare computer storage is sourced from the public, who in turn act as validators for the network, confirming the data is owned and modified by the rightful owner. For this, the storage provider earns a share of the revenue. For customers, Bluzelle can reportedly offer storage at an estimated half the cost of the others.

BluzelleNet powers the entire ecosystem as a 10,000 TPS Proof-of-Stake network. Becoming a validator was designed to be an easy process with minimal technical knowledge. The vision is to have a network of tens of thousands of nodes working together to provide the most available and secure database in the world. Bluzelle wants every device to become a node, from computer hard drives to video game consoles to mobile phones. For those that do not want to become a validator, they are able to delegate their tasks to another validator, ensuring everyone can be part of the network and generate fees.

Members of the Bluzelle team have worked for Disney, Sony, Google, Lufthansa, Electronic Arts. They are recipients of the Technology Pioneer award by the World Economic Forum and named by Forrester as a top blockchain vendor in Asia. Its team is based in two locations, Singapore and Vancouver (Canada). Bluzelle is backed by industry funds like NGC, Hashed, KR1, and Kenetic.

Bluzelle Değeri

Bluzelle Değeri$0.078274 USD
Bluzelle ROI
Piyasam Sıralaması#351
Piyasa Değeri$19,277,040 USD
24 Saatlik Hacim$2,077,114 USD
Dolaşan Arz246,277,944 BLZ
Toplam Arz500,000,000 BLZ
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(Feb 07, 2018)
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(Mar 13, 2020)
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Dünkü Değişim$-0.006238 USD (-7.53%)
Dünkü Hacim$2,781,316 USD
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