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What Is World Cup Pot (WCP)?

World Cup Pot is a platform for football fans all over the world to bet on actual World Cup games as well as simulated football matches using Chainlink’s VRF.

A new Bet-to-Earn protocol.

What is unique about World Cup Pot?

First and foremost, it is decentralized so anyone can participate and bet on the World cup games. But the main product are the daily simulated football matches that will debut post-World Cup 2022 that users NFT athletes with stats and pulls them in a team to do a match.

The community can bet on these matches. The owners of the NFTs in the winning team earn $WCP.

What is the WCP token?

The WCP token is the platform de facto utility token and is used to reward bettors, NFT athletes and to grow the community.

it is an ERC20 token, with a fixed supply of 1B.