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Цена BPX в реальном времени

Black Phoenix цена сегодня составляет ₽0.014348 RUB с суточным объемом торгов ₽68,427.70 RUB. Black Phoenix выросла на 0.51 за последние 24 часа. Текущий рейтинг CoinMarketCap — #5065 с рыночной капитализацией отсутствует. Циркулирующее предложение недоступно и макс. предложение 4,000,000,000 BPX монет.

ru 10720Самые популярные биржи для торговли Black Phoenix в настоящее время: XT.COM, VinDAX, и . Вы можете найти другие биржи на нашей .

What Is Black Phoenix (BPX)?

Black Phoenix is a cryptocurrency ، released in April.2021, was launched on TRON’s own blockchain, With low fees and Fast Transactions, using its TRC-20 standard. says that it employs “the highest level of security measures” in order to secure user funds, but advises that cryptocurrency involves inherent risk. The purpose of Phoenix in the name of Currency is that this bird is unique and BPX want to be unique as its Color in Crypto World.To be more effective in market will be grown as there plans and take its place.bright future ahead , and the goal is make you a major investor in digital currency market. The Phoenix Can fly trough the crypto world to conquer the target prices, goal is to grab a lot of profit for new and also elder users in the crypto currency market and for that needs holders that can grow up.Black Phoenix is a cryptocurrency with capacity of transform newcomer to the advanced users and bring profits for its HOLDERS as much as they holding it.

How Many Black Phoenix Are There in Circulation?

BPX is Black Phoenix native cryptocurrency, issued on TRON’s blockchain as a TRC-20 standard Black Phoenix launched its mainnet on April 12, 2021 The total/max supply, as stated in it's whitepaper, is 4000000000 BPX.

Where Can I Buy Black Phoenix (BPX) ?

If you would like to know where to buy Black Phoenix the top exchange for trading in Black Phoenix are currently Vindax , Azbit and Just Swap, You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

How Is the Black Phoenix Network Secured?

Black Phoenix says that it employs “the highest level of security measures” in order to secure user funds, but advises that cryptocurrency involves inherent risk



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Black Phoenix Цена сегодня
Цена Black Phoenix₽0.01435
Изменение цены24h₽-0.000002792
24 ч Мин. / 24 ч Макс.
₽0.01369 /
Объем торгов24h₽68,427.70
Объем / рыночная капитализация0.003201
Рыночное доминирование0.00%
Рыночный ранг#5065
Рыночная капитализация Black Phoenix
Рыночная капитализация₽21,378,625.40
Рыночная капитализация при полной эмиссии₽57,392,283.16
Black Phoenix Цена вчера
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₽0.01159 /
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₽0.01443 /
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Вчерашний объем₽99,684.34
Black Phoenix История цен
7 дн. Мин. / 7 дн. Макс.
₽0.00985 /
30 дн. Мин. / 30 дн. Макс.
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Sep 02, 2021 (23 days ago)
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Aug 07, 2021 (2 months ago)
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Black Phoenix Поставка
Циркулирующее предложение1,490,000,000 BPX
Общее предложение4,000,000,000 BPX
Максимальное предложение4,000,000,000 BPX