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What Is AMPnet APX Protocol (AAPX)?

AMPnet APX Protocol is a decentralized and trustless system of Auditors, who are verifying real-world assets and their legal status - to enable those real-world assets to be tokenized on blockchain and issued as ERC-20 tokens.

AAPX is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Participating in the Governance of the system
  • Staking in our nPoS system to select auditors for the protocol

The AAPX token derives its value from the fact that there are multiple fees on the network. Whenever those fees are paid - the payment is used automatically to buyback the AAPX token on a decentralized exchange and lock it away in a treasury. This acts as a constant source of buy pressure on the token - providing liquidity and price growth or stabilization.

AAPX tools include:

  • AMPnet Tokenizer Builder - a whitelabel, crypto powered crowdinvestment platform. Enabling anyone to finance their assets and bring them into the APX Protocol
  • AAPX Claiming dashboard - a dashboard for managing the vesting of tokens.

How Many AAPX Coins Are There in Circulation?

There are 7 million minted AAPX tokens - this supply is fixed and wont be increasing.

Most of the tokens are vested in contracts which are linearily releasing the supply into circulation. The vesting will end on March the 9th, 2024 - when there will be 7M tokens in circulation.

Who Are the Founders of APX Protocol?

Mislav Javor (CEO) - Blockchain developer, co-author of a book “Developers Guide to Ethereum”. Organizer of “Zagreb Blockchain Developers Meetup”. Author at own blog, and many publications.

Filip Dujmušić (COO) - Blockchain engineer, specializing in multi-chain development. Working in Solidity (Eth), Substrate (Polkadot) and Sophia (Aeternity) blockchain development.

Branimir Ambreković (Board) - Serial entrepreneur and software developer with 30 years of executive experience in bleeding-edge IT technologies. Branimir has achieved multiple successful company exits.

Where Can I Buy APX Protocol (AAPX)?

AAPX is currently available on Uniswap

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