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The live event ticketing industry is broken. The YellowHeart Protocol is leading the charge to fix it.

Today’s antiquated ticketing offers a terrible experience characterized by scalpers, fraud and technology that hasn’t evolved beyond the barcode. The YellowHeart Protocol uses blockchain technologies to address this problem. Tickets are now offered as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and enhanced with new capabilities enabled by the HRTS (pronounced “Hearts”) utility token. Together, these Web3 technologies are transforming what tickets can do and how they are created, sold and resold. The YellowHeart Protocol was founded to bring together an entire ecosystem – composed of fans, artists, sports teams, brands, venues, event promoters, and more – to participate in this leap forward.

In contrast to traditional tickets, NFT tickets offer music, video, and engaging experiences. They enable artists to communicate directly with their fans, and provide artists and venues with a share of the proceeds any time a ticket is resold. In addition to ticket NFTs, the YellowHeart marketplace also offers music NFTs, collectible NFTs and community NFTs. It is already the premier place for musicians to participate in the NFT revolution, where artists like Maroon 5, The Beatles and XXX Tentacion are being joined by a rapidly growing community of creators. With the launch of the HRTS token anyone can now join this community; HRTS token holders will be able to engage with each other in innovative ways, creating a decentralized, peer-to-peer platform for ticketing and entertainment.