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Criptomoedas:  11,973Trocas:  411Cap. de Mercado:  R$10,413,417,592,092Vol 24h:  R$730,848,740,914Dominância:  BTC: 42.5% ETH: 18.7%Gás do ETH:  85 Gwei


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Preço de Vacay (VACAY)


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VACAY Preço em Tempo Real

O preço de agora de Vacay de hoje é de R$0.013042 BRL com um volume de negociação em 24 horas de não está disponível. Vacay caiu 11.12% nas últimas 24 horas. A classificação atual na CoinMarketCap é de #6487, com uma capitalização de mercado de não está disponível. O fornecimento em circulação não está disponível e um máximo. fornecimento máximo de 1,000,000,000 VACAY moedas

What is Vacay (VACAY)?

Launched on 28 May 2021 by a multinational team based in the European Union, Vacay is a decentralized travel token that is designed to provide international travelers with a practical and convenient method to pay for hotel, flight, car rental, dining, and other travel-related expenses on the blockchain.

Vacay has entered into strategic partnership(s) with luxury hotel, car rental, and dining establishment(s) in the Europe Union including the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and the Dutch Antilles per signed Letters of Intent (LOI) available on the Vacay website. While Vacay started in Europe, Vacay’s vision is not limited by a map or geography. Vacay plans to expand into the United States and Asia-Pacific in the near-term.

What Makes Vacay Unique?

The main principle and goal of Vacay is to make cryptocurrency payments a mainstream option for international travelers as commercial airliners are cleared for take-off and the skies re-open following the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the accelerated proliferation and adaptation of cryptocurrencies, Vacay assesses the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry represents an untapped market within the broader decentralized finance (Defi) space.

Vacay aims to capitalize on the global tourism, travel, and hospitality industry, which is valued at approximately $9.25 trillion dollars, by leveraging the executive management team’s extensive experience and network in the industry to form strategic partnerships with hotel chains, airlines, rental car services and renowned restaurants based in the European Union, United States, and the Asia-Pacific region.

How Many Vacay Tokens Are There in Circulation?

The non-deflationary tokenomics of Vacay were designed to provide international travelers with a convenient method to pay for travel-related expenses on-the-go. The total supply of Vacay is approximately 1,000,000,000 tokens. Prior to the pre-sale, Vacay burned approximately 500,000,000 tokens or 50 percent of the total supply. There is a three percent tax associated with each sale, which is redistributed to the liquidity pool (LP).

Who are the Founders of Vacay?

Peter Mulder (CEO), Johan Bleeksma (CFO), and Bob Schulz (COO) are the founding members of the Vacay Project according to Vacay.Finance.

• Mr. Mulder has a PhD in Applied Science and Mathematics from The Hague University, over 30 years of experience in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry, and is an avid investor in the cryptocurrency space. Mr. Mulder is also the owner and CEO of Peerkesbos Horeca Group, which owns and operates hotels, restaurants, and clubs located in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and the Dutch Antilles.

• Mr. Schulz is a renowned investor in the travel and hospitality industry, an owner of several vacation properties across Europe, and maintains an extensive network with some of the largest hotel and car rental companies in the world.

• Mr. Bleeksma has over 20 years of experience and maintains an extensive network in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Additionally, Mr. Bleeksma played professional tennis for the Dutch League, coached professional tennis in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Cote d'Azur.

Where Can I Buy Vacay?

Vacay is available for purchase on PancakeSwap.






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VACAY Estatísticas de Preços

Vacay Preço Hoje
Preço de VacayR$0.01304
Alternância de Preço24hR$-0.001365
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R$0.01265 /
Volume de Trading24hSem Dados
Volume / Capitalização de MercadoSem Dados
Dominância no MercadoSem Dados
Ranking no mercado#6487
Vacay Capitalização de Mercado
Cap. de MercadoSem Dados
Capitalização de Mercado Totalmente DiluídaR$13,042,362.54
Vacay Preço Ontem
Mínima / Máxima de Ontem
R$0.01413 /
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R$0.01439 /
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Volume de ontemSem Dados
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Mínima / Máxima de 7 dias
R$0.01265 /
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R$0.01265 /
Mínima / Máxima de 90 dias
R$0.008657 /
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R$0.008657 /
Valor mais alto
Aug 15, 2021 (a month ago)
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Aug 15, 2021 (a month ago)
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Fornecimento Máximo1,000,000,000 VACAY