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Litecoin Plus (LCP) is a cryptocurrency with a genesis date of may 11 2014. Litecoin Plus has a circulating supply of 2,752,341 LCP and a maximum supply of 4,000,000 users are able to generate LCP through the process of Mining and/or Staking. LCP uses a Scrypt based algorithm that utilizes a hybrid POW (Proof of Work) / POS (Proof of Stake) function, block time is 60 seconds with an average transaction fee of $0.0001 which makes transactions near instantaneous and cheap. Staking rewards are distributed proportionally and repeatedly to users who hold LCP in their wallet with rewards up to 15% annually.

Litecoin Plus hosts a multitude of different wallet types ranging from Windows / Linux / Mac / Android / Web Wallet / Discord Server Wallet. The goal for different wallet types is to provide access to Litecoin Plus universally no matter an individuals hardware circumstance.

Litecoin Plus utilizes a unique PALADIN 51 function, a self-optimizing autonomous program that detects suspicious anomalys in the blockchain. Should a 51% hash rate attack occur, the PALADIN tool acts and immobilizes POW across the network instantly preventing any double spends or reverse transactions. Even when the POW function is disabled through PALADIN 51 you can still freely send & receive transactions as well as staking.

Litecoin Plus has its own Exchange. The Litecoin Plus Exchange was implemented to give LCP a home base where it is always available to buy and sell against a variation of other cryptocurrencies. Users who sign up to the Litecoin Plus Exchange and register their main Litecoin Plus wallet address with the exchange will become a part of our incentive program. The program distributes 80% of the Litecoin Plus exchange profit back to its users, dependent on the users LCP wallet amount. The higher the staking address balance of LCP, the more reward you will receive from the exchange.