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Aether Games is a collective of talented individuals and studios coming together from the industry’s most recognized organizations such as EA Games, Riot Games, Hi-Rez Studios, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Plarium. Forged together by passion and years of experience, we are united to bring the world of Aether to life.

We are a tech game development studio of 150+ people that produces immersive quality games and infrastructure within the NFT Gamefi space. Utilizing stunning visual, mind-stimulating gameplay design paired with deep engaging fantasy lore in our production. Our team is set to captivate players and fans around the The world with an entrancing game experience.

Aether Games is more than just a game, and more than just another studio. Aether Games focuses on unmatched quality within the crypto space, setting a new standard for future projects to come. Not only is everything created from scratch, but it’s also produced in the highest quality possible for future games. Producing nearly everything in-house, Aether Games can provide cost-efficient products and focusing on the play & earn mechanics and Esports.

All games within Aether Games are all from the Aether Universe, not just a story but a passion project of our core members being able to make a franchise come to life. To push forward this franchise and given our CGI experience (Love, Death & Robots) – We are working on a 3 episode mini-series with a production value of 500k-1M per minute. From start to finish, this entire project will be recorded and behind-the-scenes footage will be released and shared with our close partners before it gets pushed live.

Aether Games isn’t just a game, it’s not just another new studio. It’s a tech game development company and collaboration of top-tier people setting a new standard in both blockchain gaming quality and NFT efficiency. Our veteran and experienced developers have worked in big titles like World of Tanks, Smite, Hearthstone, Baldur's Gate 3, League of Legends, Farcry 6, God of War, Runeterra, Ghost Recon, The Crew 2, Beyond Good & Evil, Raid: Shadowlegends and many more.


Cards of Ethernity (CoE) is a digital collectible competitive card play-and-earn game. At its core CoE is a blockchain-based game, enabling users to trade and sell their NFT cards freely in various markets. These items will be interoperable within the Aether Game Universe published titles.

Gates of Ethernity (GoE) is a highly addictive strategic gameplay where players are challenged to make well-thought-out decisions, given the limited number of characters to choose from in each round. The goal is not just winning, but also includes the thrilling journey of collecting and crafting together the perfect team.

Gates of Ethernity AR Viewer is an augmented reality mobile app where you’re able to view your NFT in real life. Plenty of competitions will be done around this app.

Aether (Series) is a CGI series focused on pushing the franchise forward to a broader audience through top streaming services. Aether has a full team of artists, animators, CG experts, story writers, actors, and musicians from Disney to Game of Thrones.