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BLFI Preço em Tempo Real

BLÄCKFISK is the first software to allow co-creating pools for front-run, arbitrage, and flash loans. We’ve emerged to yield profits for crypto-asset holders by creating three powerful bots. The bots wield immense power and knowledge of trading garnered from professional traders, and are now eager to share their skills and experience with average users. The Arbitrage Bot, Flashloan Bot, and Front Run Bot are here to stay and have already started extending their tentacles into the most profitable markets.

The main competitive advantage of BLÄCKFISK is that our bots are AI-based and capable of analyzing previous errors, automatically adjusting strategies to obtain maximum gains. The open-source project allows users to fill bots with funds and work on a larger market with the fair, automated, and transparent distribution of profits with up to 400% monthly yields.