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11,518,323 ABC
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300,000,000 ABC
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300,000,000 ABC
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Jun 27, 2023 (3 months ago)
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Aug 21, 2023 (a month ago)
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Sobre Angry Bulls Club

The Angry Bulls Club (ABC) project started as a multi-chain-based PFP NFT that supports Polygon and Klaytn simultaneously. By grafting De-Fi to Metaverse P2E NFT, a new De-Fi method is combined with the existing P2E NFT platforms to create a platform including NFT. In the project, we want to implement an ecosystem that can increase the value of users' digital assets. The Angry Bulls Club (ABC) also provides user DAOs and fandoms owned by ABC NFT centered on the 'Angry Bull' NFT, an important IP, and NFT-based games in the platform, and various additional businesses and collaborations based on NFT will be carried out.

The ABC platform applies De-Fi to the P2E model applied with NFT to build an NFT-based De-Fi platform, allowing NFT owners, which are users of the ABC platform, to build an ecosystem that enables them to expand the value of their digital assets. Users will acquire the value of digital assets more than proof of ownership of items, centered on NFT, which is the most important asset within the ABC platform and metaverse ecosystem, and various items including ABC tokens, lands, etc. in games and metaverse using NFT will be mined to create new revenue. In addition, on the NFT-based De-Fi platform of the ABC platform, not only the NFTs provided by the ABC project, but also various De-Fi services based on other NFTs can be used. The multi-chain-based ABC tokens are acquired or used in a variety of ways within the ABC platform. The ABC platform also supports ABC DAO operations based on ABC tokens and NFTs.