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What Is Y2B Finance?

Y2B Finance is a suite of structured products designed for exotic peg derivatives, that will allow market participants the ability to robustly hedge or speculate on the risk of a particular pegged asset (or basket of pegged assets), deviating from their ‘fair implied market value’.

Y2B is the native utility token that is used for:

• Governance • Protocol revenue sharing (50% of fees) • Direction of emissions

Y2B features the following Products: Typhoon & Volcano. ## What Is Typhoon?

Typhoon vaults redefine a core traditional Financial product, catastrophe bonds (CAT), while applying the primitive to a native DeFi setting. A CAT bond is an instrument that pays the issuer when a predefined disaster risk is realized, such as a hurricane or a earthquake. Typhoon uses the CAT bond concept but applies it to a de-peg event for stable coins, liquid wrappers and other derivative products in DeFi.

Users can hedge against these assets de-pegging by depositing USDC collateral into the Hedge vault and receiving y2btokens (Vault Tokens) in return.

Initially, users can hedge against USDT, USDC de-pegging with weekly and monthly time periods. More assets will be supported in the future.

What Is Volcano?

Volcano is the secondary market place that builds on top of Typhoon tokenized vaults. Since collateral is locked up for the duration of the vault cycle, this secondary market allows users to enter and exit positions in real time via its order book. Trades are made using signed transactions from the taker, and pushed on-chain when finalized by the taker via 0x Protocols contracts. These are battle-tested contracts that Y2B will leverage to give users the best trading experience.

How Many Y2B Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Y2B Finance launched its mainnet on January 3rd, 2023 with 100 million $Y2B tokens created at genesis. All of tokens are under timelock contracts. For more information regarding token metric, please check here: https://docs.y2b.finance/y2b-docs/tokenomics/tokenomics-distribution

Where Can I Buy Y2B Finance ($Y2B)?

$Y2B is available for trading on decentralized exchanges, initially Uniswap.