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XSAUCE pris sanntidsdata

Single-sided staking allows users to earn yield by providing liquidity for one type of asset, in contrast to liquidity provisioning on AMMs, which requires a pair of assets.

In the case of SaucerSwap, users stake SAUCE in the Infinity Pool and receive a liquid receipt token called xSAUCE. The ratio of xSAUCE to SAUCE begins at 1 and increases as the Infinity Pool automatically compounds via SAUCE buybacks and farm emissions.

In this model, yield is derived from three distinct sources: swap fees across all SaucerSwap liquidity pools, yield farm emissions, and HBAR native staking rewards. This latter reward mechanism involves dynamically staking all HBAR in the WHBAR contract to a permissioned node.

Users will be able to stake xSAUCE in Community Pools to earn HTS tokens from projects incubated by Hedera launchpads. The xSAUCE token can also be deposited in liquidity pools and farmed for additional yield.