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MaziMatic is the world's first multiple licensed entertainment innovation in the metaverse, and it entails CasinoVerse, PartyVerse, InfluencerVerse, and AdventureVerse, all culminating into an entertainment universe. The rationale behind MaziMatic is to give unlimited entertainment to all users.

With CasinoVerse, users can enjoy a wide array of casino games worldwide and earn while having fun; the PartyVerse is a place for all social gatherings, where users party, meet with other users and have fun. The Influencer Verse allows users to meet with their favorite influencers, attend their shows, have real-time chats with them, or hang out. Also, AdventureVerse is where users access their desired location and have unlimited fun.

The MZM token is an ERC20 standard, and it will serve as the native currency that powers the Mazimatic ecosystem and be used for all forms of investments, purchases, and rewards payable in MZM.

NFTKart is MaziVerse exclusive NFT marketplace for all avatars, characters, and real-time item purchases. NFT marketplace would be opened for MaziMatic own creators, who will mint NFTs for real-time use. Users can create or purchase NFTs for their real-time gameplay, which will make MaziMatic multiplayer gaming more interesting.