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KYLON is an organization that aims to bring all the possibilities offered by Web3 Technology to its community under one roof, using advanced blockchain-based applications. In addition, the KYLON project aims to move civilization forward by connecting real life with digital currencies. Kylon is a social impact token indeed.

The most important feature of Kylon Token that distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies is that some of them are donated voluntarily to deliver to those in need.

In order to provide confidence to our investors, we established the Kylon Foundation in Austria, one of the most reliable countries in the world. This foundation will be the legal pillar of our project. By combining the principle of transparency provided by blockchain technology with real life, we hope that our investors and donors will be able to follow every step we take. Together with our cyber security experts, seminars on how to make safe transactions are given to our managers. It is also regularly audited by our developers.Donations will be made by dividing the majority of the revenues collected within the scope of the project into the sections specified in 7 different main branches. In this way, the living standards of those in need will be raised.