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What is Kindness For Soul (KFS)

Kindness For Soul is focused on empowering KFS holders through crowdfunded projects, passive income & its rewards system. KFS was launched in the third quarter of 2021 by the Kindness For Soul team. Kindness For Soul is a smart contract platform that enables single individuals to buy and sell tokens. The KFS token uses a deflationary token model wherein the supply is depreciating instead of seeing an increase in its available quantity. The number of available tokens decrease and as a direct result token holders’ “assets” become more valuable. Unlike its counterpart “inflationary tokens”, fiat currencies or other unlimited supply cryptocurrencies, KFS token holders won’t face an increase in the supply of the token. KFS transactions have created a fee structure that make up the properties of a deflationary token, this fee structure is made up of three elements and is factored into each purchase and sale. • 2% rewards go to $KFS holders • 2% tax goes to $KFS Liquidity • 4% tax which will be used for strategic buyback & burns for $KFS KFS tokens unlock access to Crowdfunded projects, which are include real estate, land, and seed sale investment opportunities, Holder Rewards, which provide discounts to KFS owned rental property and other KFS perks and KFS Partner Services like (30-60% discount rates for First Class/Business flight tickets & Dubai skydiving discount when paid via $KFS). Kindness For Soul is the first project to introduce an Interest-free lending platform where users can take a loan using $KFS as a form of collateral. The collateral $KFS will always be valued at $1 regardless of market value, and it will always be above $1; this will ensure the user returns the funds within a year to receive their $KFS. An example of this, a user uses their 100 $KFS as collateral to take out $100. They will have a year to return 100 USD (no interest) to receive back their tokens. If the user fails to repay the amount from the initial loan, the $KFS tokens will be burnt from the supply. The Kindness For Soul model is designed to be able to help people in need while tokenizing assets, rewards and allowing KFS token holders to access global markets. The KFS crowdfunding program gives its token holders collective buying power to purchase assets from all over the world. Token holders see an increase in values two ways – one, by assets/projects being purchased which increases in value and revenue is generated, and two, anytime KFS tokens are bought, sold, and/or transferred the transaction fee is then distributed to the holders and added to liquidity. Kindness For Soul includes an open market that aims to offer token holders a means to purchase goods & services with built in discounts by using their KFS tokens.