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GAW Token is creating a marketplace for gamers to buy, sell, and design unique “non-fungible” in-game items.

Unique items, such as rare skins, are powered by the Binance smart chain standard, giving them their own unique digital signature and ownership history. They are issued in limited quantities. E.g. 1000 limited edition legendary skins in honor of an esports champion or popular Twitch streamer.

GTX, the transactional currency for the users of the GAW ecosystem, is based on the Bep20 standard. It will also be used as a reward mechanism for gamers’ achievements. The democratic staking mechanism will also allow users to crowdfund item designs and invest in the game market. With GAW app, many people can make a profit with minimal effort.

Integrating unique items is made easy for game developers via a universal API that offers multiple endpoints for game developers to seamlessly mint and integrate blockchain based items in their games. Developers can also choose to communicate with the API directly or integrate one of our upcoming SDKs.