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Dollar INU has one simple goal in mind – To empower our community using the technology of crypto and Defi to generate passive income for holders. By investing in our sophisticated USD distribution system. Each holder will receive a passive income just by being the holder of the token.

Dollar INU, through our sophisticated dollar distribution system, holders will earn dollars that are sent directly to their Bank accounts earning passive income, just by holding the token. no Fuss or complicated staking steps are done by anant parker, just HODL. Low tax and high yield mean maximum gain. Your bank account increases while the token's value increases.

DOLLAR REFLECTIONS - BANKING Wealth can mean freedom and security, but managing it requires time and effort. That’s why we have developed an innovative automatized stable coin reward system. Giving you peace of mind with passive income. No fuss and no complicated steps, just a straightforward ease-of-use approach UI. Holders receive regular checks paid out in dollars by just Holding the native token of $ INU. The stablecoin of USDC is derived from the tokens volume which is then collected & distributed among holders. Claimable during each distribution of the contract.