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POKELON Live prijsgegevens

$POKELON is a BEP20 token that parodies wildly popular trends in DeFi and Gaming culture and brings them to life as an interactive, NFT Collectible Card Game. Just like the series our project parodies, holders have access to a wide variety of NFTs and can trade and battle their NFTs in the Telegram based battling game Pokelon League. Packed with more features than any token on the market, ready on launch day. Some of our features are: - Fully decentralized dex using PCS routers - Token staking with 3 pools up to 200% APY - Liquidity pool farming with 4000% APY!! - Our own liquidity swap page - Native NFT Marketplace - Native NFT Farm where you can stake tokens, earn points and use those points to claim NFTs - NFT Staking

And there will be more next to our dApp and Telegram game! Our first tournaments are starting in April 2022 with a total prize money of $160,000 USDT (not native tokens).

Our P2E Telegram game is playable with all our 151 hand drawn NFTs and ready to play tournaments!