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PARA Live prijsgegevens

What Is ParaToken (PARA)? PARA is a decentralized erc-20 native utility token that will be used for: * Required DAG Bridge Access Token * Required Launch Platform Access and Fee Token * Required Token for NFT Marketplace Premium Access

How Many PARA Tokens Are There in Circulation? PARA launched its mainnet on January 27, 2022 with 1 Quintillion PARA tokens. 1.5% of tokens are in the developer’s wallet. 70% of token supply has been burned so far.

Who is the Founder of PARA? PARA is the brainchild of Lee Tolleson, who has extensive business and government contracting experience.

Where Can I Buy PARA? PARA is available for trading on Uniswap, as well as a growing number of exchanges that includes and Hotbit with stablecoin pairs of Ethereum and USDT currently available.