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400,000,000 DYT
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400,000,000 DYT
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Dec 07, 2021 (a year ago)
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Dec 17, 2022 (6 months ago)
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The Dynasty is a startup company founded with the goal of building a complete and strong ecosystem. The Dynasty will first develop with 3 main areas as following: NFT game platform: At the moment, there are many games on the market and mostly Clicktoearn with boring gameplay, simple content, unsustainable development and after a short time will be declined. Grasping this weakness and with the desire to bring a fresh breath to the blockchain game market, our team has researched and developed a game that promises to be much more attractive for you to explore. An actual PLAYTOEARN game. A beautiful NFT collection. A fair play mechanism, transparent, with an extremely attractive gameplay. Your ability to make money will depend on your skills and mindset. The better you are, the more rewards you will earn. Super appealing monthly rewards and ranking mode for those who contribute and lead. The game is developed on many platforms: Mobile, IOS, Android and Facebook Play platform. Staking and Earn platform on the wallet that The Dynasty developed: combined with the strength of the DeFi market and the potential of NFT. The Dynasty will have an Earn function that allows players to do Farming and Staking with NFT and DYT right on The Dynasty's wallet. IDO/ PRESALE Launchpad Platform: Leveraging the large number of available Users who play The Dynasty game from Website, Apps and Facebook play platforms - The Dynasty Launchpad Platform will help DYT holders optimize their profits, helping The DYT coins they hold to get more and more valuable with the right to participate in IDO and Presale for DYT Holders. We will focus on our strengths to select and connect Gaming, NFT, Marketplace, Multichain projects to bridge the release.


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