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  • 시가총액
    $4,835,097 USD
    253.63632106 BTC
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    $10,058.17 USD
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  • 유통 공급량
    528,778,008 NLG
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    528,778,008 NLG

Gulden 정보

Gulden was founded in April 2014 based on the Litecoin code base. In 2015 the Litecoin codebase is abandoned and Gulden switched to the Bitcoin codebase. After years of development it can be said that Gulden now has its own code base. Gulden started with a 10% premine that was spent entirely on development. The current developments are now paid by a part of the mining reward. The direction of the developments are determined by the Gulden advisory board (GAB). The GAB consists of 9 members and is elected each year from the members of the community. Anyone can stand for election. Voting for candidates is recorded and done through the Gulden blockchain. Gulden would like to become a generally accepted means of payment. To this end, the development is aimed at making the wallets as user-friendly as possible.

Features of Gulden:


Gulden does not use a standard PoW consensus model, but the in-house developed PoW2 model. This is a combination of PoW and Witness. Miners control the transactions and the Witness controls the miners. Anyone can become a witness by locking an amount of Gulden in a Witness account in the desktop wallet for a certain amount of time. Depending on the weighting of this witness account (chosen duration and amount in the account) the witness earns rewards. The advantage of this system is that the Gulden blockchain can withstand 51% attacks without relying heavily on energy-guzzling PoW miners or vulnerable standard PoS systems. Transactions can be safely accepted after one confirmation instead of the standard 3-6 confirmations.

More info: The Technical Documentation link above which contains the whitepaper for PoW2 or


The desktop wallets can contain multiple accounts and mobile wallets can be linked to a single account in the desktop. For more info:


Since October 17, 2019, the Gulden team has implemented the Sigma algorithm and since then it is possible to mine Gulden solo without additional equipment. The algorithm is asic resistant and can be done on a normal desktop computer using it’s CPU. One can simply use this CPU mining algorithm by creating a mining account in the desktop wallet and start mining Gulden. more info:

Gulden Price Today
Gulden 가격$0.009144 USD
24시간 최고/최저
$0.009417 USD /
$0.008781 USD
24시간 거래량$10,058.17 USD
시가총액$4,835,097 USD
시가 순위#735
Yesterday's Gulden Price
어제 최고/최저
$0.009393 USD /
$0.008472 USD
어제 시작가/종가
$0.008868 USD /
$0.009218 USD
어제 변화$0.000350 USD (3.95%)
어제 거래량$9,691.16 USD
Historic Gulden Price
7일 최고/최저
$0.009979 USD /
$0.007331 USD
30일 최고/최저
$0.010445 USD /
$0.005733 USD
90일 최고 /최저
$0.107949 USD /
$0.005536 USD
52주 최고/최저
$0.022009 USD /
$0.005536 USD
전체 최고
$0.499114 USD
(Jan 12, 2018)
전체 최저
$0.000186 USD
(Jun 23, 2014)
Gulden ROI
Gulden Supply Details
유통 공급량528,778,008 NLG
총 공급량528,778,008 NLG
최대 공급량데이터 없음
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