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ELONGATE (EG) is a cryptocurrency token on the Binance Smart Chain that powers a social impact movement. A 10% transaction fee rewards holders and donates significant sums to philanthropic activities. The ELONGATE team is building a social impact ecosystem to revolutionize social impact on the blockchain.

What are ELONGATE's Products?

  1. Salesforce Crypto Lightening Exchange
    • Fully non-custodial, platform-native wallet management built within the world's largest CRM platform, Salesforce. Easily manage your on-chain enterprise crypto wallets from the wallet management dashboard while powerfully expanding DEFI use-cases across your organization.
  2. BurnParty
    • Burn.Party, a decentralized multi-chain token burn platform, is integrated with Chainlink Keepers and available on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum mainnets. The app leverages Chainlink Keepers to help securely and cost-efficiently automate Token Burn Party closing and delivery of all pledged tokens to a given project’s officially registered dead wallet. As a result, community members can have high assurances that when a burn party ends successfully, their voluntarily pledged tokens will be sent to the dead wallet without any intervention by the Burn.Party platform or any other third party. For every successful burn party that results in a token burn, a meal for every contributor in that burn party is donated via ShareTheMeal, or a food drive is carried out by using ELONGATE’s vast network of volunteers.
  3. EG Swap
    • Swap BNB/BUSD and any other supported partner tokens directly to the EG token. The platform supports crypto onramp functionality and allows users (including those in USA) to buy BNB with a credit card and swap it directlty to the EG token in a simple 2 step process. Available on desktop and also optimised for Android and iPhone users.
  4. Gator Gang NFT
    • EG's NFT collection gives holders many perks which include access to exclusive discord roles, badges & channels, multiplier of future Spark in-app earnings and early access and testing of future tech products.

How Many ELONGATE Tokens Are There in Circulation?

The ELONGATE cryptocurrency launched on March 25, 2021 with 1 quadrillion tokens. Roughly 412 trillion tokens were burned at creation, and over 24 trillion have been burned since. The team burns tokens weekly on an ongoing basis.

Who Are the Founders of ELONGATE?

ELONGATE was legally incorporated as a company on July 23, 2021. ELONGATE is governed by a leadership board, which includes Hasan Aziz, Chief Operations Officer, and Alexander Gambon, Chief Brand Officer. Hasan’s professional experience includes leading quality assurance, automation, and testing in the UK banking industry. Alexander’s professional experience includes leading creative direction and brand strategy for non-profits & universities. Along with the rest of the team, they have been enthusiasts and scholars in the crypto space since 2012.

Where Can I Buy ELONGATE Tokens?

ELONGATE is tradeable on PancakeSwap, as well as a growing number of CEXs and DEXs. All information can be found on the official How To Buy page.

What is ELONGATE’s Mission?

ELONGATE's mission is to leverage community action and blockchain technologies to grow a global movement that defies the status quo and makes profitability intrinsically linked to positive social impact. This is done via three pathways: igniting a social transformation, building transparent pathways to capital for earning and giving, and empowering people to create a sustainable world.

ELONGATE's vision is to forge a revolutionary social impact ecosystem on the blockchain.

More information can be read on the company’s About page.

How Is ELONGATE Secured?

ELONGATE aims to deliver maximum security and trust with an ever-adapting set of market analyses and real-time adjustments to ensure sustainability.

The smart contract has passed a Certik Audit, and the open source contract is available on BSCScan. The team has locked more than 80% of the liquidity, and no wallet owns more than 1% of the supply. The team is fully public on LinkedIn, and the company is legally incorporated.