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740th / 10.1K
734th / 10.1K
유통 공급량 
5,262,604 ACM
총 공급량 
20,000,000 ACM
최대 공급량 
완전 희석 시가총액 
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가격 성과
전체 최고
Feb 24, 2021 (2 years ago)
전체 최저
May 12, 2022 (a year ago)
관심 목록에서13,759x
1587th / 10.1K

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What Is AC Milan Fan Token (ACM)?

AC Milan Fan Token (ACM) is one of 40 fan tokens of various international football clubs under Socios that enable fans of these clubs to have a stake in the clubs’ decision-making, earn VIP rewards and unlock access to exclusive promotions, games, chats as well as earning the chance to be recognised as a superfan.

ACM is a utility token on the Chiliz Chain (built by Chiliz — a fintech blockchain company), a Proof-of-Authority sidechain built on Ethereum. Like the other fan tokens, AC Milan Fan Token gives AC Milan fans the power of influence in how the team operates, by voting on team polls which the teams have to take into consideration. Examples of changes that ACM holders can make include picking jersey designs, naming training venues, and picking the next fan event.

ACM acts as a gateway to every AC Milan fan’s chance to show their loyalty and support for the team by earning reward points, getting VIP experiences and purchasing club merch. Like many other crypto platforms, the larger the number of tokens you have guarantees you a higher level of influence in the tokenbase.

\ The founders of ACM have described it as the “ultimate fan engagement tool”.

Who Are the Founders of AC Milan Fan Token (ACM)?

What Makes AC Milan Fan Token (ACM) Unique?

How Many AC Milan Fan Token (ACM) Coins are There in Circulation?

How Is the AC Milan Fan Token (ACM) Network Secured?

Can AC Milan Fan Token (ACM) Coin Hit $100?

Where Can You Buy AC Milan Fan Token (ACM)?

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