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仮想通貨:  2,880市場:  20,679時価総額:  $266,643,414,01024時間のボリューム:  $54,210,560,689BTCドミナンス:  67.6%
時価総額:  $266,643,414,01024時間のボリューム:  $54,210,560,689BTCドミナンス:  67.6%仮想通貨:  2,880市場:  20,679

Is There a Minimum Amount I Should Invest?

You should always only invest money that you can afford to lose. The cryptocurrency markets are very volatile, and have seen significant gains and losses within a day in the past.

You can follow the principle of “dollar-averaging” into the market by buying some of the cryptocurrency you are interested in at set intervals. For example, you may be interested to buy ether (Ethereum): You can buy ether once a month, let’s say on payday. That way, you will be able to slowly accumulate ethers at various price points over time in a more controlled fashion.