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As the project is relatively new, please review our disclaimer

プロジェクトについて: KCC MemePad

KCC MemePad is the first Major micro & low Cap LaunchPad on KCC, bringing stability, safety, and amazing opportunities on the new and highly anticipated KuCoin Community Chain.

The KCC MemePad team individually handpicks projects and filters them based on our stringent measures so that our holders get only the best of the best.

KCC MemePad HODLers receive allocation of projects launching on our platform based on our tier system and staking duration. The more you hold, the higher allocation you get.

KCCM is deflationary in nature; the contract is designed in such a way that it redistributes 0.5% to Holders, and another 0.5% is burned, making KCCM scarce with each transaction.

We love our HODLers are hence we offer them staking benefits, earn while you HODL. Staking will also provide allocation for projects based on your holding period. The longer you stake, the higher is your allocation, plus higher staking rewards.