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ETH MESSAGE CARD Eth Message Card enable user to spend $ICC token to mint an NFT with their custom message writing on the NFT. And user can send this NFT to any Eth wallet address. This enables people to communicate with each other from the Eth wallet. And we will be adding our Immortal Cat NFT advertising on the message card to increase our NFT publicity. In the future, we may also escrow market for NFT trading. In this way, people can exchange NFT and don’t need to pay a creator fee. Just using Eth Message Card to communicate and send NFT to each other’s wallets. People may also use the Eth message card to send a message to NFT OG Wallet, or express a feeling about another person’s collection. $ICC generated by eth message card will be burned. WL MARKET & NFT RAFFLE MARKET Immortal Cat will also host a WL Market for users to purchase WL spots by using a $ICC token. As long as, the community stays there. We should receive many WL spots. And we will also allocate some portion $ICC token to hire a professional WL spot manager. In this case, We will constantly be burning $ICC token by sending out WL for our holders. We will also allocate some portion $ICC token to buying many of bluechip nft. And user can spend $ICC token to purchase a raffle ticket to join the bluechip nft raffle. In this system, we tend to earn more $ICC tokens from the raffle than spending for the blue-chip NFT. The revenue from the Raffle ticket, 50% will be burned, and another 50% will go to the Raffle Market to buy more Blue Chip NFT in the next round. In this case, we were able to grow our NFT Raffle Market fund size and give out more and more bluechip nft, and burn out more $ICC Token. COINFLIP GAMES Immortal Cat will also launch a coinflip game site. And you don’t need to have Immortal Cat NFT to play the game. Everyone was able to spend eth to join the game. The coinflip game is super simple. Just guess the head and tails for the coin. Double or nothing. If you win you have double the eth amount and send it to your wallet. If you lose, all the eth you put into will gone. But Immortal Cat will charge a 4% transaction fee for each game. This enables Immortal Cat to generate many of revenue. And all revenue generated from the coinflip Game will buy back our $ICC token in the exchange. NFT STUDIO Dev of the Immortal Cat will release some plans for the next NFT funded by $ICC token. Immortal cat holders can vote on which project should be created. And the revenue generated from the next nft project will share between the Immortal Cat holder and the management team of the Immortal Cat. MORE In the future, Immortal Cat will also build a social hub inside of NFT World or Sandbox. And the utility doesn’t stop heVre. We will constantly renew our blueprint to stay updated in the market. You may notice all the utilities above will constantly provide value for holders. Not just a game, next generation of collection, or airdrop. All the utilities above will stay for the long term. IMMORTAL CAT TOKEN $ICC Immortal Cat Token, the only circulating currency in the Immortal Cat issuance ecosystem, is referred to as $ICC, Used for rewards and consumption within the ecosystem. The total circulation of $ICC is 300 million, and there will be no additional issuance.