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Notizie su Gamium


Informazioni su Gamium

What Is Gamium (GMM)?

Gamium is a technology company that creates Digital Identity and Metaverse solutions for individuals, businesses, and developers.

Alberto Rosas & Alejandro Rosas - Co-CEOs: We aim to make the Internet a better place where people can feel more connected, trusted, and in control of their privacy.

Gamium offers two types of digital products: Didit & Genesis.

Who Are the Founders of GAMIUM (GMM)?

What Makes GAMIUM (GMM) Unique?

What companies support GAMIUM?

Didit is the world's largest interoperable identity and financial protocol to create the Internet Identity Layer. With Didit's innovative technology, individuals can navigate the Internet with their Decentralized Digital Identity and make secure and easy data transfer and payments with just one click. Businesses can improve their onboarding, identity verification, and payment processes.

Genesis, also known as the YouTube of 3D Experiences, is a social platform that allows users to live and create a wide variety of experiences. With Genesis' unique value proposition, everyone can create their own digital world using its code & no-code SDK, and explore infinite experiences using its advanced search engine.