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AMZN  Amazon tokenized stock Bittrex AMZNPrice: €2,928.83 3.06%
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Il prezzo odierno di The live è di €2,930.27 EUR con un volume di trading in 24 ore di €68,277.27 EUR. Amazon tokenized stock Bittrex ha registrato un calo del 3.06% nelle ultime 24 ore. L'attuale posizione in classifica su CoinMarketCap è #3378, con una capitalizzazione di mercato pari a non disponibile L'offerta circolante non è disponibile e la fornitura massima non è disponibile.

What are tokenized stocks?

Tokenized stocks are tokenized derivatives that represent traditional securities, particularly shares in publicly firms traded on regulated exchanges. The key benefits of tokenized stocks include fractional ownership of traditional securities, 24/7 access to markets, and greater liquidity to name a few. These digital assets are backed 1:1 to traditional stocks, entitling holders to many of the same economic benefits of owning the underlying stock.    Tokenized stocks are a tokenization of a digital total return swap contract (“TRS”) (similar to contracts for differences). The Tokenized stocks value is based on and collateralized with the underlying asset, a traditional security (typically a publicly traded equity) and the value of the digital asset is determined by the value of the traditional security. For example, they are collateralized by an equivalent notional amount of the traditional security (i.e., $100 of the debt derivative would be collateralized with $100 of the traditional security). This allows Tokenized stocks to mirror the economic performance of the applicable reference traditional securities. 

Bittrex Global itself lists tokens that represent derivative contracts collateralized by the underlying traditional equities. These tokens are backed by shares of stock powered by DigitalAssets.AG. They cannot be withdrawn from Bittrex Global or redeemed for the underlying shares. In the future, there may be ways to withdraw the tokens from Bittrex Global or redeem the tokens for the underlying stocks.    For now, there are only spot markets for the tokenized stocks featured on Bittrex Global.

Swiss-based DigitalAssets.AG facilitates the tokenization of traditional financial assets. The firm brought stocks trading to another major crypto exchange in cooperation with German based CM-Equity AG as recently as December of 2020.



Amazon tokenized stock Bittrex




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Amazon tokenized stock Bittrex Prezzo oggi
Prezzo Amazon tokenized stock Bittrex€2,928.83
Cambio di prezzo24h€-114.01
24h Basso / 24h Alto
€2,754.94 /
Volume degli scambi24h€68,243.76
Volume / Market CapNessun dato
Posizione dominante sul mercatoNessun dato
Posizione mercato#3378
Amazon tokenized stock Bittrex Capitalizzazione di mercato
Cap. del mercatoNessun dato
Capitalizzazione di mercato completamente diluitaNessun dato
Amazon tokenized stock Bittrex Prezzo ieri
Di ieri Bassa / Alta
€2,805.48 /
Apertura/Chiusura ieri
€2,944.63 /
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Volume ieri€1,115.54
Amazon tokenized stock Bittrex Cronologia dei prezzi
7d Bassa/ 7d Alta
€2,754.94 /
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€2,340.56 /
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€2,340.56 /
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€0 /
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Jun 20, 2021 (a day ago)
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Dec 14, 2020 (6 months ago)
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