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CITY  Manchester City Fan Token CITY
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3,508,140.00 CITY
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CITY Data Harga Penawaran

Live Manchester City Fan Token harga hari ini adalah Rp 226,317 IDR dengan volume perdagangan 24 jam sebesar Rp 42,384,545,517 IDR. Kami memperbarui harga CITY ke IDR kami secara waktu nyata. Manchester City Fan Token turun 0.08 dalam 24 jam terakhir. Peringkat CoinMarketCap saat ini adalah #554, dengan kap pasar sebesar Rp 793,952,901,696 IDR. Terjadi peredaran suplai sebesar 3,508,140 CITY koin dan maks. suplai 20,000,000 CITY koin.

id 10049Bursa teratas untuk diperdagangkan di Manchester City Fan Token saat ini adalah FTX, Paribu, , dan . Anda dapat menemukan yang lainnya yang terdaftar di .

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What Is Manchester City Fan Token (CITY)?

Manchester City Fan Token is a fan token by — an app built on the Chiliz (CHZ) blockchain. Socios has created fan tokens for several other football clubs, the most popular of them being (PSG), as well as fan tokens for UFC and car racing. Fan tokens give holders a stake in the club’s governance by allowing them to influence decisions, unlock VIP rewards, and access to exclusive promotions, games, and special recognition.

Following the massive success of PSG’s launch in January 2020, Manchester City Football Club decided to launch CITY in March 2021. Its success will mainly depend on the club’s success on the pitch and the development of blockchain technology. The token price spiked when Cristiano Ronaldo was rumored to join the club, but decreased after the transfer failed to go through.

Who Are the Founders of Manchester City Fan Token?

Manchester City Fan Token was founded by, an app powered by Chiliz that allows sports fans to engage with their favorite clubs and associations. It was founded by Alexandre Dreyfus, who is also the CEO of Chiliz. Dreyfus has over 20 years of experience founding and growing web-based companies. For instance, he developed Webcity, an interactive travel guide, and Winamax and Chilipoker, both online poker projects, before founding Chiliz in 2017.

Manchester City is one of England’s most famous football clubs with four Premier League titles and ten top 10 finishes in the last ten years. The club is managed by Pep Guardiola, one of the most illustrious football managers in the world.

What Makes Manchester City Fan Token Unique?

Manchester City Fan Token represents ownership of a voting right and gives fans access to earn unique club-specific rewards and experiences. For instance, fans can influence what message the captain should wear on his armband, visit the player area in the stadium, or receive rights to watch a match in the VIP zone and get discounts on club merchandise.

As long as CITY is listed on for trading, fans can acquire the token and with it a stake in the club’s governance. Moreover, According to Stephan Cieplik, senior vice president of global partnerships sales, City Football Group, every club fan is eligible to receive a free Manchester City token.

CITY can be acquired with fiat or by swapping CHZ for it, so naturally, the price and growth of CHZ influences the price and growth of CITY. Besides participation in the decision-making process through voting in polls by holding CITY, the option to win prizes in contests and quizzes on, and cashback rewards from the club, the platform plans to introduce more features to fans in the future. For example, fans will be able to purchase VIP goods and services with the club’s branding, earn bonus rewards for participation in the club’s governance, stake the fan tokens for NFT rewards, and benefit from the integration of CITY in partner applications.

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How Many Manchester City Fan Token (CITY) Coins Are There in Circulation?

The total supply of CITY is 20 million. 3.5 million are currently in circulation. The tokens were launched at the initial Fan Token Offering and can currently only be bought on exchanges.

How Is the Manchester City Fan Token Network Secured? connects football clubs and their fans and provides clubs with transparent and secure digital revenue streams while offering fans to have a stake in their club’s governance.

Chiliz is an Ethereum sidechain with a proprietary crowd control mechanism, so fans are in a protected environment and vote only in publicly audited polls. CHZ is a ERC-20 and BEP2 token that has been audited by Certik.

When Will Manchester City Fan Token Trading Begin?

CITY launched on March 19, 2021, on Chiliz.

Where Can You Buy Manchester City Fan Token (CITY)?

CITY is available on Paribu and Chiliz.

CITY and many other fan tokens on can also be obtained by participating in games and using platform applications to hunt for tokens and earn them as a reward for interacting with the team.

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CITY Statistik Harga

Manchester City Fan Token Harga Hari Ini
Harga Manchester City Fan TokenRp226,061.01
Perubahan Harga24hRp-2,017.47
24j Terendah / 24j Tertinggi
Rp224,429.11 /
Volume Perdagangan24hRp42,336,540,640.60
Volume / Kap Pasar0.05338
Dominasi Pasar0.00%
Peringkat Pasar#554
Manchester City Fan Token Kapitalisasi Pasar
Kap PasarRp793,053,668,016.42
Kapitalisasi Pasar yang Sepenuhnya TerdilusiRp4,521,220,179,523.02
Manchester City Fan Token Harga Kemarin
Tertinggi / Terendah Kemarin
Rp224,223.82 /
Pembukaan / Penutupan Kemarin
Rp226,178.38 /
Perubahan Kemarin


Volume KemarinRp28,681,867,095.22
Manchester City Fan Token Sejarah Harga
7h Terendah / 7h Tertinggi
Rp221,223.65 /
30h Terendah / 30h Tertinggi
Rp216,405.74 /
90h Terendah / 90h Tertinggi
Rp216,405.74 /
52 Minggu Terendah / 52 Minggu Tertinggi
Rp140,450.08 /
Harga Tertinggi
Aug 27, 2021 (2 months ago)
Harga Terendah
Jun 22, 2021 (4 months ago)
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Peredaran Suplai3,508,140 CITY
Suplai Total20,000,000 CITY
Suplai Maks20,000,000 CITY