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Live Ethereum Push Notification Service harga hari ini adalah Rp 41,127.94 IDR dengan volume perdagangan 24 jam sebesar Rp 42,662,346,795 IDR. Kami memperbarui harga PUSH ke IDR kami secara waktu nyata. Ethereum Push Notification Service naik 1.44 dalam 24 jam terakhir. Peringkat CoinMarketCap saat ini adalah #688, dengan kap pasar sebesar Rp 460,929,708,385 IDR. Terjadi peredaran suplai sebesar 11,207,217 PUSH koin dan maks. suplai 100,000,000 PUSH koin.

id 9111Bursa teratas untuk diperdagangkan di Ethereum Push Notification Service saat ini adalah Huobi Global, ZT, KuCoin,, , dan . Anda dapat menemukan yang lainnya yang terdaftar di .

What Is Ethereum Push Notification Service (PUSH)?

The Ethereum Push Notification Service or EPNS is a notification protocol that can enable the wallet addresses of the users to receive notifications. This means that, through the usage of this protocol, any DApp or smart contract, as well as service, can send notifications through to users in a platform-agnostic way. EPNS also contains a DeFi aspect that enables users to earn crypto for receiving the actual notifications. EPNSoriginally launched as an idea in January of 2020.

Who Are the Founders of Ethereum Push Notification Service?

The Ethereum Push Notification Service was founded by Harsh Rajat and Richa Joshi.

Harsh Rajat is the founder of the Ethereum Push Notification Service; however, he also works as a solutions architect at 3 Magic Shots, and even fills the role of the chief technology officer at HydroLabs. He used to be a decentralized ambassador of Hydrogen FinTech.

Richa Joshi is the co-founder of the Ethereum Push Notification Service, and she also works as an independent consultant at 3 Magic Shots, as well as a product manager at Hydro Labs. Before all of this, she worked as a senior consultant at Deloitte Consulting.

What Makes Ethereum Push Notification Service Unique?

For Web 3.0, a notification mechanism that can notify users or wallet addresses of important updates, events, actions and so on, does not exist yet. As a result of this lack, a lot of important events or required user actions end up being missed completely: for example, the expiration of ENS blockchain domains is inefficiently broadcast on Twitter, with the hopes that the grace domain user potentially reads about their domain’s expiry. If a protocol gets compromised, people have to look for other methods (besides the now-compromised protocol) through which they can notify the users.

EPNS tries to solve this with its push notification service.

To do this efficiently, the notification is stored and treated like a JSON payload, and this is transformed as per the rules of the different carriers when the notification ends up reaching them. The JSON payload can differ with payload types, and this ensures the flexibility of the content, as well as the data, storage interpretation and delivery.

What this means is that EPNS can allow users to be in direct, full control of what services they end up getting notifications from, and impose rules on the services, which includes spam protection for users, and limits for EPNS ability to add wallets as subscribers. This means that notifications are treated as a social feed rather than a piece of information.

There are four types of users: service providers, which want to send notifications, users, who want to receive notifications if they deem them to be beneficial, wallets enable users to receive notifications through their centralized or decentralized solutions, and token holders, who can define the rules between the above users.

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How Many Ethereum Push Notification Service (PUSH) Coins Are There in Circulation?

The protocol’s token PUSH is designed to incentivize the continued adoption cycle of the EPNS protocol. In order to achieve this, users that are involved are rewarded through either an incentive or a penalty. Their continued involvement is a necessity for the growth as well as the adoption of the protocol, and to achieve the vision of becoming a Web 3.0 notification standard.

How Is the Ethereum Push Notification Service Network Secured?

The Ethereum Push Notification Service Network will use Eth-Crypto to handle the secure verification process. This is a cryptographic JavaScript-function enabler for Ethereum.

Where Can You Buy Ethereum Push Notification Service (PUSH)?

If you want to buy, sell or trade Ethereum Push Notification Service (PUSH), you can do so on the following exchange:


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Ethereum Push Notification Service Harga Hari Ini
Harga Ethereum Push Notification ServiceRp41,127.94
Perubahan Harga24hRp251.27
24j Terendah / 24j Tertinggi
Rp40,540.56 /
Volume Perdagangan24hRp42,662,346,794.73
Volume / Kap Pasar0.09256
Dominasi Pasar0.00%
Peringkat Pasar#688
Ethereum Push Notification Service Kapitalisasi Pasar
Kap PasarRp460,929,708,384.63
Kapitalisasi Pasar yang Sepenuhnya TerdilusiRp4,112,793,643,420.07
Ethereum Push Notification Service Harga Kemarin
Tertinggi / Terendah Kemarin
Rp40,110.19 /
Pembukaan / Penutupan Kemarin
Rp40,187.26 /
Perubahan Kemarin


Volume KemarinRp33,851,172,966.99
Ethereum Push Notification Service Sejarah Harga
7h Terendah / 7h Tertinggi
Rp40,014.59 /
30h Terendah / 30h Tertinggi
Rp35,171.06 /
90h Terendah / 90h Tertinggi
Rp12,787.98 /
52 Minggu Terendah / 52 Minggu Tertinggi
Rp9,214.68 /
Harga Tertinggi
Apr 14, 2021 (6 months ago)
Harga Terendah
Jul 20, 2021 (3 months ago)
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Peredaran Suplai11,207,217 PUSH
Suplai Total100,000,000 PUSH
Suplai Maks100,000,000 PUSH