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UFO Gaming statisztika
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Ft 15,774,823,772
Volumen (24ó)


Ft 385,335,470
Forgalom/piaci tőkeérték (24 óra)
Forgalomban lévő kínálat
25,757,575,757,576 UFO
Teljes kínálat
25,757,575,757,576 UFO
Max. kínálat
25,757,575,757,576 UFO
Teljes piaci tőkeérték
Ft 15,774,823,772
UFO - HUF átváltó
Legalacsonyabb ár
Nov 25, 2021 (2 years ago)
Legmagasabb ár
Jul 20, 2021 (2 years ago)
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271st / 8.8K
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What Is UFO Gaming (UFO)?

UFO Gaming is a decentralized gaming platform with play-to-earn elements, NFTs, and DeFi functionality like staking. Its first game is Super Galactic, an RPG/arcade action game with its own NFT collection combined with an auto battler. UFO Gaming is built on Ethereum, but its games are integrated with Immutable X, a layer-two scaling solution for NFT projects on Ethereum.

Players can participate in UFO Gaming by minting playable characters in the form of NFTs called UFOeps. This is done by farming the in-game utility points called Plasma Points with the native UFO token. With UFOeps, players battle against a hostile alien race in a scavenged world to defend world peace and tranquility while earning rewards for completing daily quests. UFOeps can also be leveled up and later sold on the UFO Gaming marketplace.

After completing its launch phase in Q3 2021, UFO Gaming is currently in its growth phase and listing on different exchanges and launching partnerships. In the future, the developers plan an expansion phase that will see the launch of its marketplace, breeding between different NFTs, the introduction of virtual land, and the release of its first game Super Galactic. This will be followed by the launch of a metaverse, a partnership reveal with a game studio, new games, and a DEX integrated with the platform.

Who Are the Founders of UFO Gaming?

What Makes UFO Gaming Unique?

How Many UFO Gaming (UFO) Coins Are There in Circulation?

How Is the UFO Gaming Network Secured?

Where Can You Buy UFO Gaming (UFO)?

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