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What Is Tiger.Tradeverse (TIGR)?

Tiger.Tradeverse is a web3 fintech ecosystem designed to connect traders, retail investors and institutional clients by providing essential crypto-trading and financial services. Tiger.Tradeverse is built by Tiger.Trade on the foundation of the existing Trading Platform, developed since 2015 and used by over 180,000 trading professionals worldwide to manage assets across various centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs), including Binance, OKX, Bybit , FTX, Bitfinex, Deribit, BitMex

Tiger.Tradeverse Products

*Trading Performance Profiles – an open-source network for trading performance verification in real-time. Accessible via a secure cross-blockchain bridge, it will act as a “core layer” infrastructure for creating on-chain services for copy-trading, prop trading, and other forms of asset allocation & management.

  • On-Chain Copytrading – On top of trading performance profiles, we're providing the ability to copy trades of selected traders. Users can pick one or several verified experts and automatically copy their trades on any EVM-compatible blockchain. Signals are transmitted and relayed via Wormhole protocol.

  • TigerDEX – fast and secure Decentralized Exchange with an off-chain orderbook, proper matching engine and reliable “trades-per-second” bandwidth for high-frequency traders. TigerDEX is an experimental project which would work on APTOS blockchain. TigerDex will be integrated in the Tiger.Trade Desktop terminal for pro traders.