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Feb 16, 2022 (a year ago)
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Oct 12, 2022 (8 months ago)
1560th / 10.3K

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What is MetaRuffy?

MetaRuffy International FZCO is a globally recognized trademark and a registered company based in Dubai. Our team is comprised of experts from all over the world who are publicly disclosed and dedicated to transforming the cryptocurrency industry. MetaRuffy is creating its own ecosystem with two existing products: RuffyWorld, a cross-platform metaverse, and LooBr, a cross-chain NFT social-network marketplace. Our objective is to continually improve and refine our products to achieve excellence.

What is RuffyWorld?

Ruffy World is a cross-platform open virtual world that emphasizes interaction, passive income, and various entertainment activities such as live concerts and movie nights. It is available on PC (Windows and MacOS), browser (WebGL on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari), mobile (iOS and Android), and VR (Oculus Quest and MetaQuest).

What is Kingdom Concept in RuffyWorld?

The Kingdomship is a special designation given to 10 districts and 19 separate islands in the Ruffy World, granting ownership and the ability to define and customize the boundaries, name, description, and banner of your kingdom.

Whats is LooBr? is an innovative all-encompassing cross-chain social media and NFT marketplace for gamers, artists, and merchants. It features cutting-edge, user-friendly social media tools for all. is the second offering from MetaRuffy™ International FZCO located in Dubai, with the first being RuffyWorld™, part of the Metaverse focused on the entertainment industry.

Available on : iOs, Android

What is LooBr Stage?

LooBr STAGE offers a platform for hosting podcasts and live voice chats, enabling individuals to collaborate, share insights, and network within the NFT community. By offering direct access to potential investors and collaborators, creators and traders can build real relationships. As an NFT designer or creator, you no longer have to rely on multiple social media platforms. LooBr STAGE demonstrates the need for discussion platforms to be integrated into NFT marketplaces, providing easier access to potential buyers and collaboration opportunities.

What is DAO in LooBr?

In the LooBr DAO system, investors and users have the opportunity to present their own ideas and help shape the platform to better meet their needs and preferences. The DAO voting process will be fully explained in the near future, and to participate in voting and proposal creation, individuals must hold MR tokens. Be a part of the community and bring your innovative ideas to the platform.


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