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INMES Élő árfolyamadatok

INME Finance presents INME SWAP, INME RUN and INME MART. INME SWAP is DAPP wallet and decentralised exchange based on a network of smart chains (BSC) at this moment . With INME SWAP, you can store, send, receive, and exchange any token or coin with no interference from any third party or Organization that is why its called decentralised . Decentralised gives you the liberty to perform any type of transaction with no boundaries or restrictions.
INME SWAP DAPP enjoys the lowest fees in the market. As for INME RUN, it is an app and game merged together in one app through which you can earn INME RUN tokens while running and playing. INME RUN provides multiple ways to profit Run to earn (you just have to play or run to collect tokens) Grant rewards for holders (get rewards every 15 minutes by just holding tokens in your wallet) Increase the token value (increase the token popularity) Buy competition wallet (every 24 hours, we have gives 3% of every transaction altogether and grants them to the highest buyer of INME RUN) INME MART is an NFT marketplace whose details will be provided later in WHITEPAPER V. 2 The team consists of highly experienced developers, DeFi community owners, successful executives and marketers. At INME FINANCE, the investors trust and safety is our utmost concern. INME FINANCE Cofounder and team are KYC verified with PinkSale and will be verified as soon as possible by Certik.