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The GemstoneGST

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The Gemstone मूल्य (GST)


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GST  The Gemstone GSTPrice: $0.006744 16.51%
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Gemstone NFT platform is providing critical infrastructure to the NFT space in the form of secure, transparent, customizable, and censorship resistant exchange contracts. These contracts will serve as a decentralized baseline for the exchange of NFTs, and ensure that future projects have a well architected set of contracts to build upon.

Also, we will build ecosystem which supports different social cause and charities by contributing to the shelters, catastrophes and other social requirements. In addition to providing a baseline, we will build features which promote custom use cases and open access to the NFT space.

To help contribute to this development and our direction as a whole, we have created our governance token: GST. GST is used to propose platform changes and dictate overall direction, and to vote on these proposals.

Starting as a key piece of decentralized NFT infrastructure, and building upon that with contributions from our community of creators, collectors, and investors, GST is an unstoppable force moving the NFT space towards a better future.

GST is an BEP-20 token designed to burn & facilitate decentralized governance over the Gemstone ecosystem. An initial supply of 15,000,000 GST will be minted, and our contract does not permit for minting after deployment.

GST will be used to put forward proposals on the future of Gemstone NFT Platform and vote on those proposals. Token holders will be able to delegate their tokens to other token holders who's proposals they support. This will allow token holders with less than the 1% total tokens required to submit a proposal, to still participate in the drafting and submitting of proposals for review. In addition to the 1% total GST supply required to submit a proposal, a minimum of 4% total GST supply is required to vote yes on a proposal for quorum.

As the community takes control of the Gemstone NFT Platform governance, there are many other possible utilities for GST. At the moment, we are considering redistributed transaction fees as a possible avenue for increased utility. This would give token holders the ability to share in the revenue of Project-Gemstone NFT Platform, and benefit directly from the outcomes of governance proposals.

Another use case is staking LP tokens from the GST - BNB Exchange pair. Upon completion of a successful token pre-sale, we will be providing liquidity to create a GST - BNB token pair on Exchange.

To reward token holders for locking their tokens, we are considering giving token rewards for staking GST - BNB liquidity provider tokens in our contract. This will allow token holders to maintain and grow their share of the Gemstone NFT Platform community allocation, while simultaneously reducing the supply of GST in the market.



The Gemstone



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The Gemstone मूल्य$0.006744
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Market Rank#4173
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Fully Diluted Market Cap$101,157.38
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कुल आपूर्ति15,000,000 GST