क्रिप्टोकरेंसी:  22,378एक्सचेंजों:  538मार्केट कैप:  $1,051,638,517,628.0124 घंटे का आयतन:  $56,310,916,108डोमिनस:  बीटीसी: 42.5% ईटीएच: 18.4%ETH गैस:  20 Gwei
क्रिप्टोकरेंसी:  22,378एक्सचेंजों:  538मार्केट कैप:  $1,051,638,517,628.0124 घंटे का आयतन:  $56,310,916,108डोमिनस:  बीटीसी: 42.5% ईटीएच: 18.4%ETH गैस:  20 Gwei


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Data transparency, transaction security, data security, and the instantaneousness of data processing in mining and global distribution are essential not only for the profitability of the business but also for the long-term operation We have introduced a blockchain based on the Ethereum-based ERC20 protocol, which processes millions of transactions and data per day in more than 120 countries around the world. Due to the nature of the blockchain, it is impossible to falsify or reproduce data, has high transparency and efficiency, and has extremely low characteristics because it does not use a server at cost. Taking full advantage of these advantages, we will apply ERC20 technology to all processes of shale gas development and distribution, and start development work only on sites with guaranteed mining economy. All processes are recorded in real-time on Ethereum-based blockchain nodes, and blockchain data flows and platform components are designed to help key companies and key managers identify real-time and make the best economic decisions. We will create a globally unique enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and platform dedicated to shale gas business to provide customized platforms to developers and management organizations that currently play a leading role in shale gas mining in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China, and allocate annual service fees and operating profits.