क्रिप्टोकरेंसी:  15,166एक्सचेंजों:  438मार्केट कैप:  $2,473,429,989,66624 घंटे का आयतन:  $137,588,016,899डोमिनस:  बीटीसी: 40.9% ईटीएच: 20.3%ETH गैस:  90 Gwei


रैंक #950
20,690 वॉचलिस्ट पर

Binemon मूल्य (BIN)


0.0000004184 BTC1.68%

0.000005301 ETH3.22%

24 घंटे
BIN  Binemon BIN
मार्केट कैप
फुल्ली डायलूटेड मार्केटकैप
24 घंटे
वॉल्यूम / मार्केट कैप
परिचालित आपूर्ति
800,000,000.00 BIN
कुल आपूर्ति
कुल आपूर्ति

Binemon/USD चार्ट

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BIN प्राइस लाइव डेटा

लाइव Binemonकी कीमत आज $0.022428 USD है, और 24 घंटे के ट्रेडिंग वॉल्यूम $2,697,433 USD हम रियल टाइम में हमारे BIN से USD के भाव को अपडेट करते हैं। Binemon पिछले 24 घंटों में 3.72% नीचे है। वर्तमान CoinMarketCap रैंकिंग #950, जिसका लाइव मार्केट कैप $17,942,745 USD है। 800,000,000 BIN सिक्कों की परिसंचारी आपूर्ति है और अधिकतम 1,000,000,000 BIN सिक्कों की आपूर्ति।

Binemonमें ट्रेडिंग के लिए शीर्ष एक्सचेंज वर्तमान में PancakeSwap (V2), ZT, BKEX, MEXC, और आप अन्य को हमारे पर सूचीबद्ध पा सकते हैं।

To learn more about this project, check out our deep dive of Binemon.

What Is Binemon (BIN)?

Binemon is a virtual pet non-fungible token (NFT) game on Binance Smart Chain, combining elements of an idle RPG game. Players can collect and trade eggs, ambrosia (fusion), characters, items and land. In addition, players are connected to fight in player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) modes and receive cryptocurrency rewards. Designed in a comic-like style reminiscent of Pokemon, the game is set on Planet Earth with creatures called “Mons”, created by extraterrestrial creatures and now live on four different continents. These Mons are NFTs that players can collect and use to battle other players and their Mons. Players can also explore the infinite open-world landscape and collect Ambrosia (AMB), the in-game commodity that upgrades and empowers their mons.

Binemon has already grown to over 140,000 players as of September 2021, and is currently in chapter one – Prometheus. It features a detailed roadmap with new reward systems, features, quests and storylines to come in the future. The roadmap consists of ten phases that are planned to be completed every two months by the team, with Phase 2 currently underway.

Who Are the Founders of Binemon?

Binemon makes no mention of its founders on its website or its whitepaper. Since the game has a Filipino, Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese Telegram group for its community, it is safe to assume that many of its players come from Asia. Thus, it would be logical if the team was from Asia, especially with similar games like My DeFi Pet coming from Asian teams.

What Makes Binemon Unique?

Binemon features both PvP and PvE gameplay. When battling other players, a player picks five of his Binemon and arranges them in a formation before entering combat. Combat is turn-based and time-limited, and the winner receives AMB tokens as a reward, as well as a possibility to improve their rank and win a seasonal award.

Binemons can be acquired by buying eggs with BIN tokens. Mons are received randomly from eggs in four different races: dog, cat, unicorn and titan. Each race belongs to five classes: fighter, archer, mage, tank and support. Furthermore, Mons have a combination of:

  • Eight different body parts: head, body, tail, ears, face, skin, horn and wings
  • Three primary stats: strength (damage, HP); agility (attack speed, armor); intelligent (magic power, skill casting speed, magic resistance)
  • Five equipment stats: critical rate, critical damage, dodge chance, HP regen, MP regen
  • Two skills: passive influenced by race, ultimate influenced by class
  • Seven ranks
  • Three forms: baby, teenage and adult

Levels range from 1 to 100, making each Mon customizable and unique. Mons can also be fused, resulting in a higher-ranked Mon. Besides fusion, Mons have the ability to evolve across classes and levels, and skills are acquired at birth.

The game also features a PvE campaign where players can level up their Mons, with more campaigns and bosses being planned in the future.

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Check out My DeFi Pet (DPET) – another play-to-earn NFT game.

Learn more about MOBOX – a NFT gaming ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain.

Read CoinMarketCap’s list of the Top 10 NFT Games in 2021.

Get the latest crypto news and latest trading insights with CoinMarketCap’s education portal – Alexandria.

How Many Binemon (BIN) Coins Are There in Circulation?

The total supply of BIN is 1 billion tokens. 40% were distributed in the IDO and 40% are part of the liquidity pool that is locked for 1 year. 15% is vested to the developer team for 1 year, with the remaining 5% reserved for airdrops and IDO fees.

There is a 2% buying fee and 5% selling fee that allows the project to generate inflows to cover marketing and product development expenses. BIN can be used to purchase eggs that breed Mons (NFTs) and Ambrosia – the in-game currency used for fusion and Mon stamina. For the coming phases, players will be able to use BIN for other purposes as well.

How Is the Binemon Network Secured?

BIN is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Binemon game is hosted on Draken – a blockchain with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The team chose Draken for three reasons:

  • Fast and stable transaction speed (up to 5000 TPS, a block time of two seconds), which took inspiration from Ethereum 2.0, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Cheap gas fees help save costs for player's activities and transactions on the NFT marketplace.
  • Smart contract and DaRK privacy protocol brings “privacy on demand”, customization and high security, in line with the constantly changing nature of NFT games.

BSC is secured through the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. 21 validators are elected every 24 hours to validate transactions and maintain blockchain security. These validators have to stake a certain amount of BNB coins with Binance to be eligible to do so.

When Will Binemon Trading Begin?

Binemon launched on Aug. 24, 2021, on the Binance Smart Chain.

Where Can You Buy Binemon (BIN)?

BIN is available on PancakeSwap (V2) and LBank. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies and how to start buying them, you can read more here in our education portal – Alexandria.

BIN से USD परिवर्तक






United States Dollar

BIN मूल्य सांख्यिकी

Binemon मूल्य आज
Binemon मूल्य$0.02243
प्राइस चेंज24h$-0.0008676
24h कम / 24h उच्च
$0.02238 /
ट्रेडिंग वॉल्यूम24h$2,697,432.74
वॉल्यूम / मार्केट कैप0.1503
बाजार प्रभुत्वकोई आकड़ा उपलब्ध नहीं है
Market Rank#950
Binemon मार्केट कैप
मार्केट कैप$17,942,744.59
फुल्ली डायलूटेड मार्केटकैप$22,428,430.73
Binemon कीमत कल
कल का निम्न / उच्च
$0.02318 /
कल का खुला/बंद
$0.02491 /
कल का बदलाव


कल का आयतन$3,043,705.92
Binemon मूल्य इतिहास
7d निम्न / 7d उच्च
$0.02086 /
30d निम्न / 30d उच्च
$0.01113 /
90d निम्न / 90d उच्च
$0.007192 /
52 सप्ताह निम्न / 52 सप्ताह उच्च
$0.007192 /
सबसे उच्च स्तर पर
Aug 27, 2021 (3 months ago)
सबसे कम स्तर पर
Oct 27, 2021 (a month ago)
Binemon ROI


Binemon आपूर्ति
परिचालित आपूर्ति800,000,000 BIN
कुल आपूर्ति950,000,000 BIN
कुल आपूर्ति1,000,000,000 BIN