क्रिप्टोकरेंसी:  11,119एक्सचेंजों:  391मार्केट कैप:  $1,541,023,803,82224 घंटे का आयतन:  $76,852,310,635Dominance:  बीटीसी: 47.5% ईटीएच: 17.8%ETH Gas:  43 Gwei
क्रिप्टोकरेंसी:  11,119एक्सचेंजों:  391मार्केट कैप:  $1,541,023,803,82224 घंटे का आयतन:  $76,852,310,635Dominance:  बीटीसी: 47.5% ईटीएच: 17.8%ETH Gas:  43 Gwei

Bolt DollarBTD

रैंक #4210
705 वॉचलिस्ट पर

Bolt Dollar मूल्य (BTD)


0.000001913 BTC1.07%

0.00003187 ETH1.07%

24 घंटे
BTD  Bolt Dollar BTDPrice: $0.07466 1.07%
मार्केट कैप
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मार्केट कैप क्यों नहीं है? 

अधिक पढ़ें

फुल्ली डायलूटेड मार्केटकैप
24 घंटे
Volume / Market Cap
परिचालित आपूर्ति
कुल आपूर्ति
कुल आपूर्ति

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BTD प्राइस लाइव डेटा

लाइव Bolt Dollarकी कीमत आज $0.074656 USD है, और 24 घंटे के ट्रेडिंग वॉल्यूम $7,343.38 USD Bolt Dollar पिछले 24 घंटों में 1.07% नीचे है। वर्तमान CoinMarketCap रैंकिंग #4210, जिसका लाइव मार्केट कैप मौजूद नहीं है। है। परिसंचारी आपूर्ति उपलब्ध नहीं है और अधिकतम 216.00000000 BTD सिक्कों की आपूर्ति।

What is BatTrueDollar?

Bat True Dollar (BTD) - The superior algorithmic stablecoin on Binance Smart Chain.

Bat True Dollar aims to maintain its 1:1 peg vs USDT through a systematic increase or decrease of the token supply. When its price gets higher than $1, there will be more BTD supply, and when the price of BTD falls below $1, BTB is opened for purchase with BTD at a discounted price to sell in the future.

Token model: a seigniorage algorithm stablecoin, similar to BAC of BSC

How to get BTD, BTS and BTB?

First, the only way to get BTD is farming BTD by other tokens such as BUSD, USDT, BNB, BTCB, CAKE, DOT. So there are 6 pools for farming BTD. There are 2 pools to farm BTS (Bat True Share): BTD/BUSD, BTS/BUSD BTB will be opened for users to buy when the price of BTD falls below $1 The circulation is: Use BTD to farm BTS or use BTS to farm more BTS. When users add their BTS to the Boardroom, rewards (BTD) will be given to them after some epochs. Each epoch lasts 8 hours, reward is claimed after 3 epochs and unstaked out of the boardroom after 6 epochs. Every time a user claims, lock time will be reset.

Token allocation?

BTD: 216,000 BTD for 7 pools; bond will be launched after 6 days. BTS: BTD/BUSD will distribute 139,999 Bat True Dollar Shares, starting with 28,000 Bat True Dollar Shares per week and decreasing 20% after each week. BTS/BUSD will distribute a total of 39,999 Bat True Dollar Shares over the course of 1 year.

Who is the founder?

Development team is an anonymous team. We have a passion for making useful projects, majoring in GameFi (decentralized finance gaming ecosystem - we call it). After considering carefully about stablecoin, we found that algorithmic stablecoin is still new but helpful for those who do not like over-centralization or mortgage. ### What makes this project unique? Unlike a huge number of projects running on Ethereum, this is one of the first algorithmic stablecoin projects on Binance Smart Chain. So BatTrueDollar is one of the pioneers on BSC. Product: Although other projects call their tokens are algorithmic stablecoin, they don’t have any ecosystem to use their “fiat token”. With BatTrueDollar, users can use their BTD in many of our games. At the moment of writing, the team is planning and working on around 10 games consecutively with more to come in the near future. BTS holders will enjoy a healthy amount of profit. We also provide shareholders with many incentives such as “vote for change the rule” or “receive more reward via Boardroom”. Team committed for a totally fair launch, hence no incentive for the team and no premine.



Bolt Dollar



United States Dollar

BTD मूल्य सांख्यिकी

Bolt Dollar मूल्य आज
Bolt Dollar मूल्य$0.07466
प्राइस चेंज24h$-0.0008096
24h कम / 24h उच्च
$0.07466 /
ट्रेडिंग वॉल्यूम24h$7,343.38
Volume / Market Capकोई आकड़ा उपलब्ध नहीं है
बाजार प्रभुत्वकोई आकड़ा उपलब्ध नहीं है
Market Rank#4210
Bolt Dollar मार्केट कैप
मार्केट कैपकोई आकड़ा उपलब्ध नहीं है
फुल्ली डायलूटेड मार्केटकैप$16.13
Bolt Dollar कीमत कल
कल का निम्न / उच्च
$0.07478 /
कल का खुला/बंद
$0.07666 /
कल का बदलाव


कल का आयतन$13,401.65
Bolt Dollar मूल्य इतिहास
7d निम्न / 7d उच्च
$0.07466 /
30d निम्न / 30d उच्च
$0.07466 /
90d निम्न / 90d उच्च
$0.07466 /
52 सप्ताह निम्न / 52 सप्ताह उच्च
$0.007761 /
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Feb 24, 2021 (5 months ago)
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Jan 18, 2021 (6 months ago)
Bolt Dollar ROI
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Bolt Dollar आपूर्ति
परिचालित आपूर्तिकोई आकड़ा उपलब्ध नहीं है
कुल आपूर्तिकोई आकड़ा उपलब्ध नहीं है
कुल आपूर्ति216.00000000 BTD