Horizen's Weekly Engineering Update

Horizen's Weekly Engineering Update
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Horizen's Weekly Engineering Update


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Published on July 31, 2020 06:50 GMT+0


Weekly Engineering Update:  

Horizen Sidechains post-beta:  

- Writing a document to formalize topics discussed during the Incentives Schemes workshop. Some topics discussed: Distribution of fees between provers, forgers, cert submitter, sidechain developer, and more. Proofs orchestration mechanism. Forward transfer fees. Mainchain backward transfer requests.  

- Optimizations of the system and efficiency. 

- Development of first customized sidechain example, "Lambo Registry" almost complete. Applying changes after intermediate code review.  

- Scheduling video production of steps to create a custom blockchain application with custom data using Lambo Registry as an example application. First video to show the overview and main elements, and next videos to deep dive into the specific topics. Technical webinar on Horizen Sidechains Beta and Lambo Registry to follow.