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HeadlinesEventsRupiah Token (IDRT) x Harmony (ONE) - Hack the Horizon Hackathon

Rupiah Token (IDRT) x Harmony (ONE) - Hack the Horizon Hackathon

Rupiah Token



PT Rupiah Token Indonesia (IDRT) and Harmony (ONE) blockchain network are building Rupiah Token on top of Harmony chain which we call HIDR. Now we are looking for some of the most innovative and beneficial use-cases of HIDR that we can build in this ecosystem through the Hack the Horizon event. Help us to build more real-world applications of IDRT on the Harmony chain mainly in the area of DeFi, remittances and on/off ramp solutions, and other relevant projects. The event starts from 17 November 2020 to 17 January 2021. Join us for hacking, innovating and competing and you will get these benefits

1. Access to the workshops before and during the hackathon to learn and implement what you are learning.
2. Access to Hack the Horizon leading mentors from across the globe.
3. Total prize of $50,000 in Harmony (ONE) tokens for various winners categories & participation prize.
4. Access to a grant program for potential applications.

Please visit this link to participate!