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Données des Prix du SHIBBY en Temps Réel

What Is Shibby?

Shibby uses a DAO which controls the charity funds. Community members can create proposals on on which charity should receive funding, and token holders are able to vote on it. If a proposal receives >50% yes votes, the DAO will automatically execute the proposed transaction in a trustless manner.


The token itself has a 7% transaction tax fee. 1% for the charity dao, 2.5% permanently burned, 1.5% back to shareholders, 2% locked in liquidity. Our goal is to fund as many dog-shelters as possible all around the globe.

How Many SHIBBY Coins Are There in Circulation?

28.00 % Presale 45.80 % burned (sent to dead address) 17.64 % Locked Liquidity until 2042 8.00 % Team Funds locked up to 2 years 0.56 % DXSALE Fees

Where Can I Buy SHIBBY

Shibby is being traded on PancakeSwap (BSC).