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While his friends went to space, he reinvented himself and created the fastest and most fun token ever. Shibal-Inu is the best promoter on the planet who is all about building communities, throwing non stop lottery parties and hyping up his token.

Chapter 1: Just a boy named Shibal In the old and ruined back alleys of Ahyeon-dong, he spent his entire life foraging for scraps with his fellow Inus (Doge, Kishu, Baby Doge, Space Shiba). Although life was harsh, misery loves company - Howls of Shibal (씨발) were often heard from the motley crew whenever life threw some rotten kimchi their way.

Chapter 2: Left in the Guryong One day, all his friends were adopted by a wealthy family and transported from a life of squalour to one of opulence in their palatial home in Seongbuk-dong. All except for him (because he just had to take that massive dump at the wrong time).

Chapter 3: Han In Korea, 'Han' is used to denote a panoply of negative emotions - sorrow, rage, injustice, resentment, and regret. By this very token, jealousy can be a bitch (literally and metaphorically). As 'Han' enveloped every fibre of his being, our silent protagonist evolved into 'SHIBAL INU' and embarked on a quest to say Kimchi-bye to his harsh life.