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À propos du projet Penguin Karts

What Is Penguin Karts (PGK)?

Penguin Karts is a battle racing game, where drivers race against each other and compete for prizes and in-game swag. The platform will feature a secondary marketplace where players can buy and sell items they earn in-game. Penguin Karts will deploy on the Fantom ecosystem which has the most robust set of play-to-earn tools available for games.

PGK is the native utility token that is used for:

*Unlocks the in-game marketplace for players to buy and sell items for tokens *skins *gear *collectibles *swag

In addition to the utility for the fungible tokens, the NFTs have an added layer of utility for staking. Staking the Penguin Kart 2D NFT will earn 3D NFT rewards claimable on the Fantom chain.

How Many PGK Coins Are There in Circulation?

PGK runs on the Fantom chain with 200,000,000 PGK created at TGE with 3,021,200 PGK available as the initial circulating supply. Then monthly 5% of the total locked ecosystem supply will be released to the protocol treasury and can be earned by players as P2E rewards from there. The max supply of PGK is 200,000,000.

Who Are the Founders of Penguin Karts?

Penguin Karts was founded by CEO Tommy Dahlberg. Tommy is a blockchain enthusiast who has worked on a major exchange and been hands-on with over 100 projects to assist in listing on one of the top 5 exchanges globally.

Tommy is also a lifelong gamer, and go kart lover, and has put the two concepts together into a fun filled, fast paced battle racing game that you and your friends will love to play.

Where Can I Buy Penguin Kart tokens (PGK)?

PGK will be available for public purchase as of the 23rd of March on SpookySwap []

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